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Dragon Quest Builder 2 Review

  • pick up the demo, it’s about 15 hours of play content in it.
  • the full game loads right from the demo where you save left off.
  • The story isn’t perfect or anything. it’s linear without choices albeit it pops up choice screens very often.
  • Overall, the story did intrigue me right from the beginning. It had been hilariously different and didn’t take itself that serious while still feeling serious.
  • The characters were actually fun and interesting, still quirky and silly yet serious enough to desire what you’re doing matters and have the planet be enjoyable overall.
  • (the single player story mode is approximately 80-90 hours long without even doing extra building and without counting going into multiplayer).
  • There are some minor character customization including gender.
  • building options will continue to grow as you progress through the story and there’s tons of interesting and funky stuff you’ll do there.
  • You have freedom of choice when it involves building and afterward where it goes
  • You can carry so considerably stuff in your inventory soon into the story that it can get hard to seek out stuff you’re trying to find
  • The NPCs within the various locations will set about their days doing their own thing supported what sorts of buildings or farms or whatnot you’ve provided for them.
  • Watching someone autonomously take stuff out of a chest, cook it, then either put it on a table for others or store it’s that magical effect that suggests I’m building a community.
  • There is a staggering amount of unlocks/collectibles that lend a crazy amount of longevity to the sport .
  • I love that i’m still looking for rare mounts or monster villagers, and that i probably are going to be for a few time to return .
  • If you wish the building of Minecraft with an enormous story and reasons to create massive structures, this is often the sport for you.
  • there is tons of content, the full package is well well worth the frustrations.
  • I give it 8.5 out of 10

Astellia Online Review

  • great graphics, cinematic are pretty good, 
  • armors are gorgeous and unique for every class. 
  • The sounds and voices are average.. 
  • cash shop is cosmetic only
  • I couldn’t find any aspect of this game that was pay to win, the cash shop only being stocked armor skins (costumes) and mount and companion skins
  • character creator is superb , with many options and choices of hairstyles, colours, make-up, body, and even an excellent choice of eyelash lengths and thickness.
  • rich storyline 
  • pretty much a typical amusement park MMO with the sole thing new being the Astel system where you collect pets with combat abilities. 
  • It is very traditional in some ways with little fetch quests in each area
  • having the choice to try to to solo dungeons is great too
  • endless things to try to to either solo or grouped.
  • one thing i prefer about this game is that the companions that you simply recruit and level up as you progress through the sport world. Most of them have funny and interesting personalities and really are involved within the story line and quests. 
  • You can equip them with jewels to form them stronger and upgrade them too.
  • There are some improvements that require to be made, the auctioneers has very limited spaces and is extremely expensive to use. This discourages the crafters to place up low price useful items to other crafters.
  • The levelling of crafting relies on materials and items made by other crafters and since of the large time and money sink required to level the gathering skill and crafting skill, only a few people actually craft.
  • it is too early to offer it a score yet and this game is such a gem.I can’t wait to ascertain how it improves.
  • a good wow replacement
  • I’d provides it 7.5 out of 10 thus far

Workouts for Weight Loss

  • push yourself in every workout you do. 
  • find a workout you enjoy


  • swim for 2.5 hr every week

Jumping Rope

  • 20-minute jump rope 5 days a week

Interval Training

  • intense exercise for a set amount of time followed by rest, then followed by intense exercise again
  • running sprints is more effective for weight loss than continuous, moderate exercise

Weight Training

  • lifting weights increases resting metabolic rate
  • weight training at least three times a week


  • majority of your power is coming from your core
  • boxing burns 500-600 calories in 1 hr


  • running up hills or run at treadmill indoors
  • over 300 calories in 30 minutes running at a moderate pace


  • includes rope climbs and box jumps
  • 5 times per week working out 3 days and then taking 1 day off


  • four minutes of high-intensity interval training is equivalent to 30 min of moderate workout

Keyboard Recommendations

  • Keyboard switches can be silicone dome, scissor, and mechanical
  • Silicone dome produce a mushier and less precise feel
  • Scissor allows for shorter key travel, more precision, quieter and requires less force. 
  • Mechanical switches have the most tactile feedback, are precise and have long lifespans
  • Mechanical switches require different pressure and generate different sounds levels depending on the keys types.
  • Some keyboards has numeric keypads to make entering numbers faster
  • “QWERTY” layout keyboards are most common
  • The Dvorak keyboard provides faster and more accurate typing
  • Some keyboards have extra keys to control other functions, such as multimedia keys and calculator
  • Some keyboards offer ergonomic enhancements such as changing a keyboard’s angle and have palm rest to rest the hands
  • A wired keyboard may clutter up your desktop.
  • Wireless keyboards need to be powered either by replaceable batteries or plugging in periodically to recharge. 
  • Wireless can also introduce latency
  • Latency is important for gamers because a split-second can mean the difference between win or lose. 
  • Gaming keyboards tend to use mechanical switches
  • Gaming keyboards often have lighting effects to allow keys to be seen in the dark
  • Gaming keyboards are often highly customizable. Some allow different key mappings and their mapping can be switched back and forth between different games.

Headphone Recommendations

What is a good headphone? Here are the things to look out for:

  • Checkout headphones by listening to them.
  • Earbuds are used for mp3 players.
  • Earbuds have sound isolation.
  • Over-ear headphones have exceptional sound quality
  • On-ear headphones are in the middle.
  • In-ear headphone sound qualities aren’t as proper as the other two.
  • In-ear headphones are not very comfortable.
  • Headphone amp makes the sounds nicer.
  • Quality is associated with the price.
  • Wired headphones have better signals.
  • Wireless headphones are extra convenient.
  • Mesh ear pads are higher than leather-based ear pads.
  • Open headphones sound greater natural.
  • Closed headphones have higher noise isolation.
  • The larger the driver, the extra for bass.
  • The wider the frequency the higher.
  • Read online professional evaluations as well as customer reviews.
  • For critical listening, you want flat frequency now not sweetening.