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Keyboard Recommendations

  • Keyboard switches can be silicone dome, scissor, and mechanical
  • Silicone dome produce a mushier and less precise feel
  • Scissor allows for shorter key travel, more precision, quieter and requires less force. 
  • Mechanical switches have the most tactile feedback, are precise and have long lifespans
  • Mechanical switches require different pressure and generate different sounds levels depending on the keys types.
  • Some keyboards has numeric keypads to make entering numbers faster
  • “QWERTY” layout keyboards are most common
  • The Dvorak keyboard provides faster and more accurate typing
  • Some keyboards have extra keys to control other functions, such as multimedia keys and calculator
  • Some keyboards offer ergonomic enhancements such as changing a keyboard’s angle and have palm rest to rest the hands
  • A wired keyboard may clutter up your desktop.
  • Wireless keyboards need to be powered either by replaceable batteries or plugging in periodically to recharge. 
  • Wireless can also introduce latency
  • Latency is important for gamers because a split-second can mean the difference between win or lose. 
  • Gaming keyboards tend to use mechanical switches
  • Gaming keyboards often have lighting effects to allow keys to be seen in the dark
  • Gaming keyboards are often highly customizable. Some allow different key mappings and their mapping can be switched back and forth between different games.

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